Building Referral Sources – Sales is not a dirty word

Building Referral Sources – Sales is not a dirty word

Everyone ‘sells’ in a home healthcare agency. Referrals are promoted by word of mouth by patients as well as sales staff that reaches out to physicians or hospitals to market their services. For the most part, all homecare and hospice agencies provide similar services – so what set’s your business apart from the rest?  Why should your business get the referral?

The answer is simple – physicians will refer to you because they believe you provide great care with excellent outcomes to their patients. But what makes you different? That answer will set you apart from other competing agencies.

What you need to do first is to : Review your strengths and weaknesses, learn about your competitors, and develop a plan to improve your services and communicate those differences to your potential referral sources.

Thereafter, you can build your message and communication plan. Understand who your target audience is and what is important to them. Then you can develop a message that will resonate with them related to your specialty of services offered, technology solutions that help you connect with the referring physician’s office and provide tangible results of patient satisfaction.

The results will be significant for your agency: more referrals and good patient outcomes.