KLAS Reports that Thornberry Customers are Very Satisfied with NDoc

Scores for Thornberry’s NDoc home health software improved on already high marks. Customers reported Thornberry to be extremely attentive to clients’ product needs and proactive in services and support.

In the homecare industry, one senior executive explained, “We have had Thornberry NDoc for a very long time, longer than we have had most of our employees. It is a solid, robust system. It does not go down, and it rarely has any problems. It is a workhorse. I can count on Thornberry to keep up with all federal changes that come up. The government’s regulations are ever changing; I can hardly keep up. However, Thornberry does a great job of staying on top of the changes.”

KLAS collects, aggregates, and publishes satisfaction data provided by homecare product users. KLAS focuses solely on the healthcare technology industry. The main areas of research are software, professional services, and medical equipment. KLAS provides the results for Thornberry and NDoc for the homecare industry. KLAS data reflects the level of customer satisfaction using a product or service solution from homecare solution vendors.

Thornberry continues to improve and reflect higher scores in multiple categories compared to other vendors in the homecare industry. Furthermore, 100% of NDoc customers told KLAS for the September “Homecare 2011: New Expectations, New Energy” report that Thornberry keeps its promises and 96% NDoc users told KLAS that they would buy NDoc again.

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