New Strategy to Succeed in Home Care and Hospice Today

The approach to promote your homecare or hospice business needs to change in the new homecare industry environment. The significant shift in executing the sales strategy is prompted by the new buying team of decision makers in a hospital setting. Previously, discharge planners were the go to people and now that has changed.

In the past, hospital administrators had no vested interest in what happened to patients once they left their facilities. Due to the Medicare readmission penalties, now hospital administrators realize that they will be financially penalized on patient readmissions within the first 30 days after discharge. Additionally, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) in the post-acute care space, reinforce the behavior that they need to be engaged in the entire episode of patient care.

As a result, discharge planners are not the only ‘players’ in the referral of home health agencies or hospices to serve their patients.  Now that you are in front of a wider-range of decision makers, prove to them that you are the provider of choice with data. Show them the results of your patient outcomes that include: readmission rates, patient satisfaction scores and quantifying criteria that sets you apart from the competition.  Remember, no muffins!

The Days of “Muffin Marketing” Are Gone