Health Information Exchange Roadmap – Connected Care

Homecare and hospice providers continue to hear how their business needs to get connected to health information exchanges (HIE) to deliver better patient outcomes through connected patient data. This can be accomplished through an interoperable and connected HIE. Though HIE is still in its infancy stages, there is great potential for it to be a significant factor in improving the quality, accessibility and cost effectiveness 
of healthcare. Properly implemented and adopted, HIE will revolutionize the practice of transitions of care and connected health, which have long been difficult to manage. 

The National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) released a report titled “Health Information Exchange Roadmap: The Landscape and a Path Forward.” This report reflects and describes the efforts of all healthcare provider stakeholders of the steps that need to be undertaken to create and implement a sustainable HIE.

This paper describes:

  • Federal government efforts to facilitate creation of a solid foundation for technical interoperability and trusted HIE through the development of building blocks representing common standards, services and policies
  • Examples of various connectivity and exchange approaches that are successfully leveraging national standards and specifications to increase the value and utility of HIE in multiple contexts and across diverse markets
  • How the federal efforts can be woven together with private sector strategies into a cohesive strategy for successful and market-driven interoperability and standards-based HIE
connected care