Homecare Disaster Prepardness Plan – What’s Your Plan?


Last week across the country, there have been severe storms across the East coast, wildfires in Colorado and Hurricane Debby in Florida for homecare providers to contend with while accessing patients. The severe weather experienced this past weekend left more than 3 million without power and resulted in state of emergency for Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, and Colorado.  The massive power outages combined with severe heat has led to dangerous conditions.  This makes for a challenging time for homecare providers. 

Here are a few suggestions to ensure that your agency is prepared:

  • When severe weather or other disasters occur in your area, the first call should be to the county Emergency Management Agency (EMA). 
  • Make sure to print emergency numbers to ensure that a hard copy is available in the event that electronic access is not possible.
  • Access the information about power outages; identify blocked or closed roads, and the locations of cooling/heating centers. 
  • Identify and inform patients who require electricity for medical needs or equipment to the EMA.
  • Have a hard copy of the patient census roster in the event that electronic access is not available.

Publish a phone contact list of all employees and volunteers.  Be prepared to utilize cell and text for communication purposes.  What is your emergency preparedness plan?