Homecare Technology, ACO and Outcomes in 2012 and beyond

The year 2012 is halfway over – what have we learned so far to share with home healthcare and hospice providers?

  1. Accountable care is here to stay.  Accountable care can present itself as an ACO; however, working closely with other healthcare providers for better patient outcomes would have evolved without the ‘care organizations’ attached to the program name. ACO or being accountable for better and connected patient care is here to stay. 
  2. Technology is more important than ever. There is the momentum now with a big push forward to automate everyday tasks, as well as share information between healthcare providers across care platforms as patients move from hospital to post-acute facility and back to home. Providers  using homecare software such as NDoc Software already have a powerful platform to integrate and share clinical, financial and administrative data. 
  3. Sharper focus on clinical and operational data. The rise of accountable care and patient-centered care at home has put a greater emphasis on data. Access to data can provide clinicians the information needed to make smart decisions at the patients home. 
  4. Data driven business decisions is the key to understand your business intimately, to be able to communicate your value proposition to other healthcare providers in the ACO model and to deliver superior care to your patients.