Automation is Winning Ticket for Home Care

One thing is clear in home care –  change is on the horizon. We hear about the upcoming presidential election, deficits, audits, capped reimbursements, fiscal cliffs – it may make us want head for the hills. With rising costs to deliver quality care and an aging population facing more chronic diseases, the current healthcare system is no longer sustainable.

So how can you affect the healthcare industry as a whole by improving care, helping patients heal sooner, and stay home once they’ve left the hospital. All this at a lower operating cost. How?

Automate your daily operations of scheduling, billing, and clinical point of care. Sounds too easy? Simply put, document the manual processes you perform on a daily basis with all the departments and resources in your home care business. Now take a look – a deeper look – to see where you can gain efficiency with patient documentation, billing procedures and be ready for any audit.

Now, look at home care and hospice software. Learn how to evaluate the many home care software solutions and make the best decision for your business to automate those everyday tasks that are burdened with manual interventions. Thereafter, use your data to benchmark your home care or hopsice business against others locally and nationally. That’s important, because the data will show where you can make immediate improvements in your operations as well as perform an internal audit of medical necessity and proper billing practices. Also, your data will call out your value proposition to use when attempting to join Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to grow your business and ‘be invited to the table.”

With these improvements, you can save money, be more profitable, deliver better patient outcomes and be collaborative with other healthcare providers. Bring together patient, payers, and providers – that’s the winning ticket.