Home care and hospice providers need new talent of innovators

The way home care and hospice business operated a few years ago is different from how they’re operating today. Just the fact that the employee base is different – with compliance officers, regulatory-focused financial managers and privacy staff from patient information to healthcare IT to ensure patient information is secure.  Billing personnel might be the most changed position related to how claims are scrutinized and audited today.  The billing personnel need to be proficient in patient, payer and regulatory scenarios.

This business challenge, to have a diversified professional staff, is recruiting the proper talent now. Your employees today need to have the knowledge and skills to identify ways to obtain additional revenue from existing and alternative payers.  To accomplish this, as well as meet the business objectives of regulatory, billing and privacy compliance, is no easy task. 

Leadership and innovative analytic skills sets are some of the attributes to be included in your hiring process. If  you begin to recruit and hire innovative billing personnel that can solve complex problems your business challenges will not be that difficult to overcome.  For example, if you are unable to find additional funding for a patient, where do you go? Rather than turning the patient away, the innovative billing personnel can find alternate sources such as foundations, trusts, grants, religious centers, or community organizations.  The result is a happy patient, revenue for your business and an engaged and empowered employee. 

It is important to use employees to help you innovate for the future of your home care agency. The key is finding the right employees to lead this innovation. To assist your recruitment and hiring process, create a project for the candidates to complete. This project, in addition to your traditional hiring standards, can help you identify the best candidate for the role.  This way, you can witness first-hand the innovative, analytical and leadership skills the candidate possesses. 

The outcomes of implementing this new hiring method are that you can get an immediate lift from some innovative ideas, cost savings, regulatory compliance in a new and innovative way. Plus, you’ll have brought on board your next superstar billing, financial, compliance or IT manager.