Hospice Quality Reporting Period Begins Next Week

Are you ready to collect data on the two new measures: Structural Measure and Comfortable Dying to report to CMS on January 1st, 2013? The data collection period for both measures needs to be captured from October 1st through December 26, 2012.

The first step is to require hospice providers to capture the data; however, there is no payment reduction now for unreported data. There will be a reduction in payments in fiscal year 2014 for failure to meet the data collection and submission requirements. This is the first time quality reporting has been mandated by CMS.

During the initial assessment, before a patient describes his/her pain on a scale, a healthcare clinician should ask if the patient is uncomfortable due to pain. Reportable data includes number of admissions, number of “yes” and “no” responses, and number of excluded or ineligible patients.

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