NAHC Applauds GOP, DNC 2012 Platforms on Home Health Care

Today should be a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks 11 years ago.  Politics aside, the recent NAHC Report article reflects that both parties are in support of the home care industry.  In this sense, united as Americans, we all win.  In reflection:

The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom. --Rudolph W. Giuliani. December 31, 2001.

Both Parties Recognize Home Health Care as Key for Seniors




The National Association for Home Care & Hospice is applauding the Republican and Democratic National Convention 2012 platforms for recognizing and highlighting home health care.

Both the modernization of Medicaid and the inclusion of home care were included in the Republican platform, which reads “Because seniors overwhelmingly desire to age at home, we will make home care a priority in public policy. We will champion the right of individual choice in senior care. We will aggressively implement programs to protect against elder abuse, and we will work to ensure that quality care is provided across the care continuum from home to nursing home to hospice.”

This is only the second time that the Republican Party platform has specifically endorsed the expansion of home care. The last time was 1988 when former President George H.W. Bush ran and was elected over former Democratic Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis.

“[Former Massachusetts] Gov. Romney, in his convention speech, recognized that in order to have a successful and united America, we must “care for the poor and the sick” and “honor and respect the elderly,” said Val J. Halamandaris, president of NAHC.

The Democratic platform discussed home care through a broader and more expansive term of “home and community-based care” services which is funded through Medicaid.

In his speech at the DNC Convention on Thursday, President Barack Obama said that “No American should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. They should retire with the care and dignity they have earned.”

“It is right for home care to be included in both platforms, not only because of the life-saving work done daily at a fraction of the cost of institutions, but because this is a non-partisan issue that will have the most immediate impact on the future of America,” said Halamandaris.

The team at Thornberry supports the home care industry as well from providers to policy.