Republican Platform Endorses the Expansion of Home Care





From the NAHC Report Article August 31, 2012

The Republican Party platform specifically endorsed the expansion of home care. This was gratifying to the home care and hospice community who look to the platform as the best indicator of the party’s intention.


“Because seniors overwhelmingly desire to age at home, we will make home care a priority in public policy. We will champion the right of individual choice in senior care. We will aggressively implement programs to protect against elder abuse, and we will work to ensure that quality care is provided across the care continuum from home to nursing home to hospice,” the Republican platform reads.


This is only the second time that the Republican Party platform has specifically endorsed the expansion of home care. The last time was l988 when George H.W. Bush ran and was elected over Democratic Governor Michael Dukakis.


The Democratic Party in 1988 contained a similar plank in support of home care.


It is not yet clear whether the Democrats who begin their convention on Labor Day will include a plan to expand access to home care.