SHP Commits to Developing Standardized Fall Risk Assessment Tool

This article originally appeared in Tim Rowan’s Home Care Technology Report.

Strategic Healthcare Programs has announced a plan to fund and spearhead the development of a fall risk assessment tool for home health agencies. To lead the effort, the Santa Barbara, California firm will create a position for a qualified project manager.

In announcing the project, SHP CEO Barbara Rosenblum explained in her blog, “Many home health agencies continue to suffer poor scores for fall risk assessment, while others have gotten ‘creative’ with their documentation. The lack of a validated, widely used assessment tool paints agencies into a corner. Staff should answer ‘No’ to accurately satisfy M1910 criteria on OASIS, but doing so results in poor public scores.”

Seeing SHP customers and others faced with this dilemma, Rosenblum decided it was time to take control of the situation and fix the problem instead of waiting for someone else to do it. “Someone at CMS posed a very constructive suggestion,” she writes. “Develop an industry-specific fall risk assessment tool for this special population of patients and make it available to the entire industry.” That was apparently enough to get SHP moving.

Ms. Rosenblum announced that SHP will provide funding for the project, organize active participation by a select group of home health agencies and offer access to its vast database. The company has already begun its search for “a highly qualified professional with the requisite clinical skills and extensive research experience to manage the project.”

According to the blog article, the new individual will manage the process, collaborate with other industry experts, use SHP data as part of the validation process, and work with home health agencies to educate them on use of the assessment tool. “Ideally,” she concludes, “the individual works within a healthcare system affiliated with a university/academic center.” 

The position has just been announced and is still open. Readers who meet the criteria or know someone who does are welcome to contact Barbara Rosenblum at