Homecare Providers can support breast cancer awareness

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been around for over 25 years. This year is no different to kick off the tradition of breast cancer awareness. Many homecare businesses showing support for the cause by providing special products in which proceeds go to charities, places and people redecorating in pink to show support and raise awareness. Supporting the cause for research, treatment and awareness is an all-year effort, special notice is placed this month. 

Homecare agencies have supported breast cancer awareness and research to raise money, awareness, and support. They do this by allowing their employees to collect donations and participate in the Race for a Cure activities.  

Many people have been affected by breast cancer; whether they have been diagnosed with breast cancer themselves or have had a friend or family member who has been diagnosed. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women and can also affect males. It is a tough cancer that affects millions of people worldwide but also one that is fought intensely with awareness, research and the shear willpower of those who have been diagnosed.

Awareness has helped healthcare facilities to provide quicker, less intrusive measures for examinations that encourage women to get regular exams. Breast Cancer Awareness throughout the year has helped provide support for those who have been diagnosed, create new treatment options, and improve the recovery time for treatment.

Unfortunately, the fight is not over. As a homecare provider, you can do your part by joining a local fundraising event, sponsor from an agency level, encourage your staff to get examined, and just spread the word to your community for support and – Go Pink!