Monitor Your Elderly Parents Home Care?

With adults age 85 and over the fastest growing segment in the U.S., the demand for assisted living continues to grow at an astounding clip. The dilemma is that such demand is over-burdening existing health care resouces with more and more seniors preferring to receive care in their own homes. As a result, family caregivers and for hire home care providers are looking for tools to streamline and support their caregiving activities that at the same time help reduce emergency room visits and hospital readmissions.

Thankfully mobile electronic home care management is no longer futuristic. A mobile device can be a platform to solve this growing problem. Applications are currently in development that will facilitate continuous health and wellness tracking as well as in-home care and family remote monitoring for seniors and disabled adults.

Through the use of a tablet or smartphone, home care providers can wirelessly collect case management information such as client mobility, weight, pulse, and blood pressure. At the same time, software programs can record and track a host of other data such as when the client last ate, what kind of mood they’re in, if they took their medications and the date and time of their next doctor’s appointment. Family members will be able to check the health status of their loved one through a web-based interface and send notes to the caregiver as needed.


From the NAHC Report Article