HCTAA Helps Home Care Providers Stay on Top of Technology

Have you thought about how you use technology in your home care or hospice business? Do you stay connected to the latest technology innovations to help you manage patients or your business?  An affiliate of the National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) is Home Care Technology Association of America (HCTAA) that can help you stay on top of what’s new to support your home care business. http://www.hctaa.org/

Whether it is urging Congress to recognize home telehealth interactions as bona fide Medicare services or provide financial assistance to home care agencies to adopt health information technology (HIT) and implement electronic health records (EHR) or reimburse appropriate self-care technologies or finance a resource center for home telehealth technologies, the Home Care Technology Association of America (HCTAA) is at the forefront of advocating for the advancement of technology in home health care.

The Home Care Technology Association of America (HCTAA) was established by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) to provide a voice for the home care technology industry and to support initiatives in health information technology and telehealth in home health care. HCTAA provides education and information to home care providers about the benefits of technology, shares methods of best practices and provides facts and statistics. We invite current NAHC home care provider members to join HCTAA at no additional cost.

HCTAA is a wholly-owned affiliate of NAHC, and is advisory in nature to the NAHC Board of Directors. A seat on the NAHC’s Board of Directors is occupied by the HCTAA chairman to represent the NAHC Technology Section. HCTAA is comprised of a leadership council of advisory board members who direct the goals and initiatives of the association. HCTAA also encourages input from our corporate members at NAHC’s Strategic Planning Conference and through quarterly advisory board meetings. Corporate members who are in good standing with the association are eligible to have a representative from their company serve on the advisory board of directors.

We value our corporate members and strive to provide them with enhanced membership benefits including significant discounts on exhibiting and advertising with NAHC, networking opportunities with industry leaders, introductions to and meetings with policy makers, and a collaborative non-competitive forum to share ideas, resources and information. Please explore the expansive list of benefits available to corporate members.

HCTAA is a trade association dedicated to accelerating the acceptance and use of home care technology. Stay connected to HCTAA in the Home Care Technology Update newsletter to see what’s new for your home care business. The Thornberry team is happy to support HCTAA and home care and hospice providers.