New Information for Hospice Providers

Hospice providers should take note of recent developments and information from CMS as the CMS Hospice Center was recently updated with new information.  CMS is seeking public comments on possible additional data collection that would potentially be required on hospice claims. Additionally, CMS has an update on revisions to the hospice cost reports.

The possible future hospice data collection pdf can be located at the CMS Hospice Center or here.

CMS is requesting feedback on the suggested data collection by January 31, 2013; comments should be sent to As a strong supporter of hospice providers, the team at Thornberry recommends that you send feedback to CMS and have your voice heard.

In addition to possible future data collection items, CMS recently announced that the Hospice Quality Reporting Program Data Submission WebEx has finally been re-posted and is available.  WebEx training about how to do web-based data submission is available on the QTSO website. Hospices can access the WebEx at their convenience at: