Training Sessions for ICD 10 Testing Slated for January 2013

Beginning in January, National Government Services (NGS), under contract to CMS, will host a series of listening sessions to gather insights and feedback from the home care industry on the best practices and lessons learned from the Version 5010 upgrade.

The upgrade to Version 5010 for electronic transactions pointed to the importance of ample testing, as well as the need for clear, commonly understood definitions of testing, readiness, and compliance. Therefore CMS and NGS will use listening sessions to help:

  • Define industry standards for “end-to-end testing,” “readiness,” and “compliance,” to ensure health care organizations are meeting transition criteria, such as completing testing within your organization and successfully testing with external business trading partners before the October 1, 2014, deadline.
  • Develop step-by-step guidance for testing implementation of Administrative Simplification initiatives, which aim to standardize data and bring efficiencies to electronic transactions like payment of claims. Such initiatives include the ICD-10 transition and operating rules for electronic funds transfers and remittance advice transactions.

CMS and NGS look forward to receiving insights from:

  • Small Providers on January 3 and January 10
  • Large Providers on January 3 and January 15
  • Vendors on January 8
  • Payers on January 8

The NGS contract with CMS also includes a pilot test, using ICD-10 as the business case, to validate a defined universal testing process that can be used throughout the health care industry.

To learn more, please visit the end-to-end testing page on the CMS website.

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