Hospice Quality Reporting Begins January 1, 2013

On Wednesday, December 19, 2012, CMS hosted a special Open Door Forum for hospice providers. The transcript is now available for reference. 

The topics included updates about the upcoming availability of the data submission website for hospice quality reporting, information about how to access the data submission website and how to create a user account, details about the data submission process and a Question and Answer session.

CMS posted the link to the hospice quality reporting program data entry and submission Web site, on the CMS Web site. This link will be located on the hospice quality reporting data submission page in the related links section at the bottom of that page. This link will allow users to begin registration prior to the January 1st start date for hospice quality reporting. 

User account creation was an important focus to emphasize the registration that there is only one user account allowed per hospice CCN or provider number.

Any registration of a hospice user account for a specific hospice CCN is only for the actual live or “production” data entry and submission. This means: do not register for a user account if you do not intend to complete data entry, submission and attestation tasks for your specific hospice provider. Also, do not register for casual viewing purposes as this will directly impact
your hospice’s ability to register a user who will actually submit hospice quality reporting data.

Again, there is only one user account per CCN allowed for the submission of all the reporting program data for both the structural QAPI measure and the NQF #0209 Pain Measure. Data entry and submission should be available throughout both submission periods to complete the submission for the structural measure by January 31st 2013 and the pain measure data by April 1st 2013.

The Hospice Quality Reporting Program Data Entry and Submission WebEx recording and training slides are now available on the Hospice Training page of the QTSO website, https://www.qtso.com.

No registration is required to view the WebEx; Hospice providers can view the recorded WebEx at their convenience and as many times as needed until April 2013. Hospices can access the WebEx via:https://www.qtso.com/hospicetrain.html.

The Hospice Quality Reporting Program Data Entry and Submission WebEx demonstrates how to:

  • Access the Hospice Quality Reporting Program Data Entry and Submission link
  • Register your Hospice Provider and establish a User Account
  • Navigate the Structural Measure data entry, submission and attestation
  • Navigate the NQF #0209 Pain Measure data entry, submission and attestation

In addition, the recorded WebEx covers:

  • Requirements for current and future reporting
  • Data Collection Help Desk Support
  • Technical Help Desk Support

For the Hospice Quality Reporting Program requirements affecting the FY 2014 payment determination, hospices will submit two measures: The Structural/QAPI measure and the NQF #0209 measure. The data collection period for both measures is Oct 1-Dec 31, 2012. The structural measure must be submitted by January 31, 2013 and the NQF #0209 by April 1, 2013.