Resources Available to Home Care for Flu Pandemic

Home Health Care During an Influenza Pandemic: Issues and Resources Guide is available from the National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHC). This guide is beneficial to home care and hospice healthcare providers to refer to learn what to expect during a pandemic, identify community partners, reimbursement, readiness and communication best practices for effective collaboration. 

As 41 States have been affected so far, with an influenza season that has arrived earlier than normal, this guide can assist providers with the information needed during this flu season.  The aggressive strain hospitalized 2,257 people, and by the end of 2012 killed 18 children.  Last year’s flu season realized 34 pediatric deaths.  

Although vaccincation of the influenza virus is not 100% effective, medical teams state that even if you get a strain not included in the flu shot, the vaccination will reduce the severity of the illness. The CDC states that the dominant flu being reported is included in the vaccinations. 

In addition to the flu season beginning earlier this year, with plenty of flu left for the next two months, the flu is spreading faster this year.  Currently, the southern and southeastern states are being hit the hardest.