NAHC Board Adopts 2013 Home Care and Hospice Regulatory Priorities

The Regulatory Blueprint for Action serves as NAHC’s regulatory plan for the upcoming year by identifying important regulatory issues for home care, hospice and durable medical equipment providers. The Blueprint provides a summary of each issue, including background information, recommendations for a course of action, and rationale for NAHC’s recommendations. The National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) 2013 Regulatory Blueprint for Action has been reviewed by the Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee and the Forum of State Association’s Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

In order to identify the regulatory issues that are of importance to home care, hospice and durable medical equipment providers throughout the country, NAHC engages in a variety of activities. Member comments gathered from telephone calls, letters, and personal contact are analyzed. The current industry trends and government actions are evaluated. NAHC committees, the Forum of State Associations, and the Board of Directors participate in development of positions for the annual Regulatory Blueprint for Action. NAHC publishes a list of major issues in NAHC Report annually and asks members to score each issue from the least to most important. The results are tabulated and industry priorities identified.

The top ten home care priorities identified by NAHC members for 2013 are:

  1. Ensure the Role of Home Health in Improved and Integrated Care Delivery Models
  2. Establish Fair and Appropriate Standards for Rebasing of Medicare Home Health Rates
  3. Ensure That Home Health & Hospice are Included as Required Health Benefits in Health Plans
  4. Establish Reasonable Policies and Implementation Procedures for The Physician Face To Face Encounter Required for Medicare & Medicaid Home Health Certification
  5. Establish Reasonable Therapy Service Requirements
  6. Ensure Access to Medicaid Home Care Services
  7. Ensure Home Care Services Under Managed Care
  8. Ensure Claims Review Decisions at all Levels of Appeal That are Consistent and in Compliance with Medicare Coverage Requirements
  9. Ensure Fairness in Government Fraud and Abuse Activities
  10. Prohibit CMS Overpayment Recoupment Prior to QIC Decisions

If you would like to review the 2013 Regulatory Blueprint for Action, please click HERE to view the full document.