Empowering your homecare agency with NDoc®

If you are like us, navigating the waters of our fast paced digital society is clearly a daily challenge.  Whether you are keeping tabs on your friends and relatives via Facebook,
shopping for back to school clothes online, or reconciling your checking account through electronic banking, nearly every facet of our lives is moving toward electronic access.  It is no wonder then that health care providers and patients are embracing the movement toward electronic health records.  In some cases the shift toward implementing electronic health record systems has been influenced by government mandates and incentives; however it is clear that this trend is also being powered by providers realizing the productivity benefits and patients seeing greater access to their medical records.

While the team here at Thornberry Ltd. knew that no financial incentives existed for home health and hospice providers for a move to a certified EHR, we remained steadfast in our resolve to work toward the goal of certification.  As you may know by now, we’ve achieved our goal in this regard.  Specifically, NDoc® 12.11 became a CCHIT Certified® 2011 Long Term Post Acute Care EHR, additionally certified for Home Health, product on July 25, 2013.  We’re not stopping there either.  We are continuing our efforts to coordinate with our customers and future customers in attaining greater cost savings, improved outcomes, and improved interoperability.  In guiding our plans and goals for the future, we need only look at what leaders are saying about what doctors and hospitals are reporting about their experience with moving toward EHRs.

Clearly, doctors and patients are empowered by these trends.  Isn’t it about time home health and hospice providers take a more active role in this dialogue and reap these same benefits?  The folks at Thornberry Ltd. are hoping that we can serve as a catalyst for this change and continue our efforts help customers capitalize on the rewards of a robust EHR like NDoc.