6 Steps To A Successful Search For Home Health & Hospice Software

Everyone has been there at some point. You meet with vendors and view their demos. You get a feel for which one you think is a good fit and make a quick decision so you can get implementation started. You are so pressed for time that you don’t perform all of the due diligence such as calling customer references or laying out decision criteria ahead of time. Then a few months down the road you start to realize that the software isn’t the right fit fordescribe the image your agency.You wish you could jump in your time machine and do it over again but you aren’t Michael J. Fox and this isn’t the movies. But, that car was pretty cool, huh?

Having to go through the process of finding new software can be frustrating. Going through the proper steps is the best strategy for mitigating risk. Software is not a commodity, it’s a strategic purchase that will either help or hinder your profitable growth. Luckily, we have designed a 6 step guide for you to follow that will help you through your strategic sourcing process.

If you have any questions or would like to share some lessons learned from your own software search, leave a comment below. Or you can always reach me at kcoviello@thornberryltd.com or 617-957-6930.

Have a great day!