The 10 Signs Your Home Health Agency Should Look For New EMR Software

There is nothing more frustrating than going through a long search for EHR software to only find out after implementation that the software missed the mark and is not meeting your expectations. Instead of delivering on promises made during the sales process, you are now experiencing increased process time, poor customer service and a dangerous lack of visibility into agency operations.

signs you need new ehr software

Nobody likes change. Well, I do, but I spent the majority of my career in strategic sourcing so creating risk mitigation strategies for switching suppliers was my job. Most people hate change. You need to be focused on your day to day operations so having to change suppliers sounds painful. However, if you find the right partner, they should provide a smooth transition.

So, here we have outlined the top 10 signs that you should find new EHR software:

  1. You are experiencing performance issues

  2. Your staff cannot complete tasks efficiently

  3. You cannot adequately control operations

  4. You continuously need to use technical support

  5. Your vendor fails to meet deliverables on time

  6. You are adapting your processes to the software and not vice versa

  7. You are having to perform reporting workarounds

  8. Your vendor does not have the capability to support your growth strategy

  9. Your vendor is focused on delivering new software and not supporting current version

  10. Regulatory changes are late or last minute

If you continue to wait until you are compelled to change, you have probably waited far too long. Not only have you been using software that is most likely eating away at your profits, but the longer you continue to wait, the more difficult it will be to change. The market is very competitive, you do not want to get to the point that you are losing referrals to other agencies. Look for a vendor that is designed for smooth implementation, quick support, flexibility and return on investment.

The home health agency landscape is extremely competitive, will your current EHR prohibit you from being considered the right one to send referrals? Take the necessary steps today to find the best home health software for your agency.