Why KLAS is an Important Tool in Your EMR Buying Process


What you don’t measure, you don’t change. This is a statement that has stuck with me since my training in Six Sigma. Basically, data is key to any decision making process.

Any agency that is searching for a new EMR should be using KLAS as a reference tool. KLAS is a company that is independently owned and operated, meaning they do not offer biased findings. Their main goal is to greatly improve the technology in health care. In order to do this, they will measure vendor performance for its provider partners by conducting more than 1,900 provider interviews per month and work with numerous hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics. Every year, they publish KLAS awards reports, making note of the top vendors who have received excellent scores in software, professional services, and medical equipment.

Your EMR is a key component in your growth strategy. Not only will it improve your patient’s care, but the right EMR will also improve the efficiency of your operations. It can be difficult to choose the right provider for this software, and it may even be an overwhelming process to take on. This is why KLAS is such a critical tool in your EMR buying toolkit. Participation is key. When you utilize KLAS to rate your current vendor, you can access detailed reports regarding market trends. It is important to not only look at how a vendor rates currently, but how have they trended over time. As you look at a strategic partnership, some of the key areas will be how the vendor rates on implementation and customer satisfaction.

KLAS offers users the ability to help you quickly get a good picture of software providers and how their services are by being able to use the feedback from current clients to use as your reference check. Through questions like “Would you use this vendor again?” and “Does this vendor deliver on promises?” you are able to get a feel for their customer satisfaction rate. Most feedback is very detailed, providing exactly the information you need in order to make an informed decision on vendors.

KLAS is a great starting point when beginning your search for software vendors. The research offered through KLAS can help to quickly dwindle down your list of vendors, which can help increase the efficiency of your search. This is possible by starting your search knowing exactly what criteria that you are looking for in a vendor. Through the feedback from other providers, you can gain invaluable insight about the vendor from actual practitioners like yourself. This is one of the best places to start when educating yourself about your vendor options.

You can trust the integrity of KLAS because they are an independent company and not affiliated with vendors. KLAS only works because the detailed feedback they get comes from actual practitioners. By sharing with the community, practitioners can help each other find the best vendors in their field for EMR software. When it comes to such important and confidential data, providers only want the best handling their EMR software needs. KLAS is only as good as the feedback that is given, so be sure to share, as well as research, when using KLAS. www.klasresearch.com

As a vendor, we also use KLAS. Nothing is more valuable than the voice of the customer. The feeback that our clients provide not only tells us where we excel but it allows us to get laser focused on where we should make improvements. If you consistently see a vendor getting negative feedback over years in the same areas, that it is a quick clue that they don’t listen to their customer base.

Another important reason to use KLAS is that most agencies will ask for referrals during their buying process. The challenge here is that vendors are, of course, going to give you customers that they know will give you a glowing reference. By reviewing KLAS, you can find out how their customers truly feel about their functionality but, more importantly, their service and support.