The Top 6 Rules of Customer Service Excellence

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

Thornberry is consistently ranked as having the best customer service and support in the market. I asked our Manager of Customer Success, Jen Brubaker, what the secret is to consistently achieving this level of excellence. Jen and her expert team have put together a list of the Top 6 Rules of Excellent Customer Service. This is a great guide for anyone whose mission is making their customers happy. And if you aren’t getting top notch customer service and support from your EMR vendor, you should check out our Guide To Sourcing EMR Software.
1. Know Your Customer
I don’t mean to just know their company name and the revenue they bring you. I mean really know them. What is their role? What are the challenges they face in their role? Who is important to them? When is their birthday or work anniversary? Those may sound silly but we truly consider our customers family and want to make sure we take the time to get to know them so we can better understand their needs. Knowing your customer also gives you the opportunity to be proactive and anticipate any problems.
2. Be a Good Listener
When you truly listen to the voice of your customer, you will find out what is working and what isn’t in your business. It’s important to periodically take the pulse of your customer to find out what they need in order to be successful. Listen carefully to what your customers tell you. Check in frequently to see how they are doing.
3. Make Sure They Feel Important
Making certain that your customers feel important is key to building customer loyalty. People value sincerity. When you are practicing active listening and using open ended questions, not only will your customer know they are being heard, they will feel valued. We consider every customer our best customer. Aim to resolve issues immediately. If you need to get back to them with an answer, make certain to check in frequently to let them know you are working on their issue.
4. Give Them More Than Expected
We always say, under promise but over deliver. Aim to always exceed your customer expectations. Expect only excellence from your team.
5. Thank Them
We wouldn’t have made Best in KLAS for two years in a row without our customers. We make it a point to thank them for getting us there. You can’t make great strides without a great team and your customers are an extension of your team. Always thank them for their support for you and your product.
6. Happy Workers = Happy Customers
Instill the same passion that you have for your business into your staff. Go the extra mile for your staff and they will do the same for your customers. Lead by example and set the expectations. We recognize that these are our two biggest assets at Thornberry and we make sure they know it. Without them, we don’t exist.
A customer can find most of what you provide elsewhere. What will set you apart is your service and support. When your customers are happy, they are loyal. And loyal customers will become referrals. As your business grows, keep customer support and service at its core. You can find out more about our top rated customer service and support here: