The Power of 3




Good things come in threes: Trios, trilogies, tricycles, a hat trick in hockey, a triple play in baseball. Oh, and Best in KLAS. Thornberry customers know that three is a great number because of the Power of 3

What’s the Power of 3? It is our three-part commitment to our community of like minded, forward thinking agencies that make up our customer base.

 1. You will be part of a group of like-minded agencies that share best practices and discuss top industry trends.

Every business has challenges. And in the homecare industry, working together to solve problems that come up makes us all stronger and ultimately benefits the patient. Our customers are on the leading edge of industry change.  That’s why we constantly solicit feedback on our software so we can make it the best it can be and stay in front of industry changes to meet the needs for all our customers. Plus, we help our customers manage issues and find solutions to make their agencies run more smoothly. When one of us benefits, we all benefit.

2. You will have not only a vendor but a partner that cares about your success and will provide you top-notch service and support.

Thornberry wants to ensure our customers know how to use NDoc software to accomplish the goals that make them excel at what they do. We don’t just install and leave — we stay around to provide help and quality support any time you have a problem. We’re also constantly working to improve our software in order to make our providers confident they have software that will enable them to accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently. Our customers recognize that we 100% deliver on ALL promises. We hire the BEST service and support in the industry. It is what truly sets us apart from our competition.

3. You will have easy to use and innovative software that will save you time and money and keep your clinicians happy.

NDoc’s integrated solution of scheduling, billing and clinical point of care is designed to make your business run smoothly so you can focus on patient care. We make certain our customers have the functionality and support they need to give them a competitive edge.

What’s the saying?, “Happy clinicians, Happy provider”

Thornberry makes this promise to each of our customers so you know you can depend on our solutions to make your business run.