How To Optimize Your Revenue Cycle When The Rules Keep Changing


Staying competitive with more than 12,000 home health providers is far more complicated than attracting a highly competent workforce and providing the right menu of services to the client. The changing face of reimbursement complicates staying in the black and receiving timely payments from insurance plans. The one constant in the ever changing world of homecare is the pressure to deliver bottom line results. Layer on all of the changes occurring with accountable care, value-based medicine and connected care, and providers are quickly realizing that partnering with an EMR partner that provides support and expertise are needed for bottom line results.

If you have kept a close eye on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its fee schedule updates, you are well aware that yet another change is in the works. Since documentation requirements change alongside reimbursement rules, you need a strong ally to help you optimize your revenue cycle.

Integrated Software to the Rescue

Relying on a software suite that integrates a billing system alongside clinical information gives you the flexibility of staying in compliance when the billing or payment rules change. Having both sides of your business connected prevents the last-minute push to get your documentation into compliance with a new set of rules that would otherwise delay or deny your payment requests.

Reduce Overhead with Automation

What used to require multiple data entry staff members and occasional overtime can now be shifted to skilled field staff supported by a core group of back-office staff that handle managed care, Medicare and commercial insurance billing tasks. Clinician documentation that is entered into an EMR at the time of a visit improves patient care and prevents visit notes from being lost in the field bags of health care professionals who are seeing multiple patients in a day.

Finding the right EMR partner can not only improve your financial performance but reduce the daunting tasks that can drag down your bottom line. Having an EMR partner that is both a good cultural fit and innovative industry leader, will help you to gain new insights into your finances and allow you to focus on what really counts – patient care.