Why Screening a Vendor For Good Cultural Fit Is Important



Every company has a culture–and finding a vendor who is the perfect cultural fit for your company’s core values can mean the success or failure of a key installation such as an EMR for your home health or hospice agency.

The wrong vendor, like a bad relationship, can leave you:

  • Trying to figure out who was at fault, when no one was at fault. Some couples… and companies… just aren’t meant to be together.
  • Gritting your teeth when, once more, they leave you sitting at the restaurant.. or waiting around when, once more, a deadline wasn’t met, a key installation didn’t happen, and a promise was broken.
  • Shaking your head as you finish cleaning up the kitchen once more… or cleaning up the mess left of your data by a company who just didn’t seem to understand what it takes to finish the job completely, honorably, with integrity.

In a personal relationship, unfortunately, you just can’t call up your partner’s ex-love interest and ask, “Hey, why did you break up? And would you take them back again if you got the chance?”

It’s been tried a few times, unsuccessfully, but there are no real review sites for personal relationships where you can find out if tonight’s date gets five stars or just one!

You can do that with vendors in the world of health informatics. Our culture of saying we’ll deliver connected patient care and then making it happen is the reason why our customers rate us on KLAS Research as “100% keeps on ALL promises.”

At Thornberry, we understand how necessary it is for you to know that our company culture is a good fit for yours.  When we walk into your company, we’re more than a vendor, we’re a partner.


Happy Valentine’s Day!