The Benefits of Flexible Deployment in EMR Management

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Just the thought of changing your EMR provider is enough to make most people dizzy, but we know from our extensive experience that it’s best to start with the basics. Is your hardware state-of-the-art, or would you have to make significant investments to get servers in place? 

With Thornberry NDoc, unlike many EMR software providers, we work with you in either scenario. We provide the benefits of flexible deployment, giving you the ability to host on your servers or host with us.

The three biggest considerations:

  • Costs: Do you already have servers in place? We can install Thornberry NDoc on your system, saving you hosting fees, etc. While the NDoc database on your servers is low- to no-maintenance, you will need to have IT people in place or available who can perform Windows Server patching. If you don’t have servers, we foot that server infrastructure cost, from patching to power, from cooling to physical security. 
  • Data Loss: If tornados, floods or earthquakes threaten your installation, your data is secure and available when you need it if it’s on our servers. You will need to make arrangements (at a cost) for offsite storage to ensure organizational continuity if you’re wholly on your own servers. 
  • Server Security: If your data is on our servers, we’re responsible. Your tech people will need to maintain, update and oversee the ever-changing security threats if your servers are in-house.

These are just a few of the considerations for choosing in-house or cloud deployment. Thornberry has more than two decades of experience in helping organizations like yours make these kind of decisions.

NDoc received the top award in our segment as Best in Homecare from KLAS three years running for a reason. Starting the process is tough, but we’re here to make the next step easier. Contact us today for more information.