Value Based Purchasing FAQ for Health Care Providers

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Value-based purchasing (VBP) is the kind of buzzword that anyone billing Medicare will run across sooner or later. For the health care provider, it has several implications that affect payments.

Q: What is the point of VBP?

A: Medicare understands that patients relying on its benefits are frequently the most vulnerable. VBP is designed to incentivize the quality improvement of the care that they receive.

Q: When did this program come about?

A: VBP is actually part of the Affordable Care Act.

Q: What does VBP accomplish?

A: The mandate for VBP requires the establishment of quality data reporting protocols. Medicare now has the opportunity to tailor its reimbursement of health care providers based on the quality of the care that they provide rather than just on the quantity of interactions they chart with the patient.

Q: How does this concept affect the billing?

A: Without a software suite that connects care data with reimbursement requests, you will find that you are going to spend a lot of time entering codes and duplicating data entry processes. When you do have the right software suite, it should be set up to evaluate the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the care that you provide to your Medicare patients.

Q: Is there software that allows for the changes in patient care regimens based on real-time assessments?

A: Providers have argued that many software suites are geared toward the statistical patient but not the real human being with required changes for patient care plans. This is where an award-winning EMR like NDoc can make a difference. It updates not just the interactions between patients and health care providers but also identifies and adjusts for new patient issues that require attention.

If the concept of value based purchasing sounds complicated and cannot be accommodated by your current software setup, contact us for more information on the right products to handle the data integration.