The power of interoperability [Video]

Did you know that more than 80 percent of doctors across the country use electronic health records systems? With more and more homecare agencies and hospices using EHRs, it’s vital that that they can all exchange information effectively between them. 

That’s why your agency needs an EHR system optimized for interoperability. Instead of keeping your patients’ health data locked up in an electronic silo, ensure that it’s compatible with the systems of other providers. 

Patients aren’t just seeing one primary care doctor anymore – they’re visiting several healthcare providers. By using EHR software that’s designed to be compatible with many other systems, you can help ensure that your patients receive the best care, wherever they are. 

Thornberry’s Best-in-KLAS NDoc software is made for interoperability. Contact us to day to learn our system can benefit your healthcare agency.