Choosing an EHR system: Part 2 [Video]

Welcome back to our series on choosing an EHR system. Once you’ve selected the right system for your agency, it’s time to put it to work. There are ways you can help the transition period go smoothly. 

First, take advantage of vendor-provided training. NDoc EHR software comes with thorough on-site training before going live to ensure you and your staff can confidently use the new system. Thornberry trainers are also at your side once you’re live so you’re not abandoned at this critical juncture.  And don’t forget new hires.  Having access to the same training curricula for them is crucial to future success.

Second, hold Q and A sessions with staff so that everyone in your agency can learn more and get all of their concerns addressed. 

Third, designate one of  your agency’s leaders as a champion for the new system. Having a trusted figure who voices support for the system can help get others on-board. 

Thanks for watching! Contact Thornberry today to learn how you can effectively implement your new NDoc software system.