Take a bite out of the competition with NDoc [Video]

You don’t have to be the biggest to be successful – just think of how the dinosaurs turned out! Even though they were the largest and most intimidating animals around, they couldn’t make it for the long haul. 

Sometimes, smaller and specialized is better. A family-run company, Thornberry has been providing essential technology solutions for patient care at home or hospice for over 20 years. Their industry-leading NDoc software is anything but prehistoric – it’s been awarded the highest grades in the industry for its cutting-edge features. 

So all those T-Rexes better watch out: Thornberry’s “just right” corporate footprint enables them to change with the industry, so that their clients can take a bite out of the competition. 

It’s time to shake up the food chain. The big dinos were intimidating, but smaller size means faster service, closer connections and more personalized client care. Don’t wait until your current EMR system goes extinct – discover the Thornberry advantage by scheduling a consultation today!