The scoop on value-based purchasing: Part two [Video]

As you just learned, value-based purchasing, or VBP, is set to significantly change the way home health agencies are reimbursed. 

The new model rolled out by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services prioritizes quality of care, and provide greater compensation to those agencies who demonstrate the highest levels of care and strongest patient outcomes. 

To successfully make the shift to the VPB model, home health agencies need to employ the most advanced and comprehensive EMR systems on the market.

EMRs that can collect and present a thorough and detailed portrait of patient health along with streamlined processes for data intake, analysis and exchange will help home health agencies provide the highest quality care possible. 

This new phase of home health requires a shift to a cutting-edge EMR. Don’t wait any longer – contact Thornberry today to see how their industry-leading NDoc solution can enable your agency to successfully transition to VBP and see the best patient outcomes possible.