5 reasons for home health and hospice agencies to share data

Data: No doubt it’s the name of the game these days in home health and hospice. However, if your agency is keeping its patients’ records all to itself, you’re doing it wrong. Exchanging home health and hospice data with other care providers is the key that unlocks a treasure trove of insights that enable higher quality of care.

Don’t stockpile this valuable information – wield it. Here are five reasons for home health and hospice agencies to share data:

1. Reduces risk of error
It’s more common than you think: a patient is transferred from the hospital to home care, but their current medications list is not. If this and other vital information like allergies or medical history is not sent to the patient’s new care setting, the chance of making serious errors skyrockets.

2. Improves outcomes
When data is shared between home health or hospice agencies, hospitals and other providers, clinicians see a broad and long-term view of a patient’s health. With this insight, strategic care plans that cross care settings can be developed; costs can be better controlled and chronic conditions can be better managed.

3. Gives a more complete view of patient health
The 21st-century healthcare landscape is a sprawling network with the number of providers an individual sees rapidly growing. It’s just not possible to get a comprehensive, up-to-date view of a patient’s condition without effective health data management and exchange.

Unlock your data, see results.

4. Helps transitions of care go more smoothly
Transitions of care are some of the most sensitive and high-risk times for patients. When home health and hospice agencies are able to send and receive clinical summaries, transitions of care go much more smoothly.

5. Enables ACO success
Successful Accountable Care Organizations depend on seamless data-sharing between members. If home health or hospice agencies want to reap the revenue and cost-saving benefits of joining ACOs, they’ll need to have the advanced data exchange systems necessary.

If you’re ready to unlock data for your home health or hospice agency, you’ll need the right tools. Thornberry’s industry-leading NDoc® solution provides home health and hospice providers with everything they need to share data, build high-value partnerships and take their quality of care to the next level.