If you're buying something online, it pays to do your research - and that's where KLAS comes in.

What is KLAS and why should I care?


If you’re buying something online, you do your research. You rifle through the pages of Amazon reviews, learning what users liked and disliked about a product and their suggestions to future buyers. You trust the reviews because it’s not just something that the seller made up: it’s honest-to-goodness feedback that tells you whether the product is likely to be worth your investment.

If you apply this strategy to buying home goods online, then you should definitely apply it when purchasing EMR technology for your home health agency. You won’t find the reviews on Amazon, but you’ll find them on the KLAS Research website. KLAS is a leading healthcare IT research firm that provides the definitive ranking of vendors in the industry – it’s the trusted go-to guide for home healthcare executives making buying decisions for new technology.

Here’s more on what KLAS is, and why you should care about it:

History of KLAS
As business and healthcare both become more data-driven, the need for transparency is paramount. A desire for greater transparency was what was driving four members of the healthcare IT industry to create KLAS Research in 1996. Today, the firm has more than 130 employees who analyze data and interview clients to publish industry-leading KLAS reports and rankings.

reviews Whether you’re buying home goods or health IT software, it pays to read reviews.

Honest reviews 
You know how some Amazon reviews include a disclaimer that says the reviewer received the item for free as part of a contest or survey? You probably don’t trust those ones as much as the reviews without those qualifiers. And when you’re buying a large-scale software suite, the need for an impartial, balanced review is even greater. KLAS Research is lauded in the industry for honest, fair reviews, without kickbacks or other incentives tied up in the vendor evaluation process. With a commitment to honesty and transparency, you can trust the reviews you read without worrying they’re sponsored content.

Client-provided feedback 
KLAS data scientists delve into the numbers to figure out where EMR and other healthcare IT vendors stand. However, this isn’t the whole picture. KLAS staff also conduct in-depth interviews with real-life clients of vendors to find out the human side of their business. Are people happy with their products and with customer service? Do they have a positive impression of their vendor? Do they think their organization has benefited from adopting the vendor’s software? All these questions and more are addressed during the KLAS research process, and the results of these client interviews weigh heavily in KLAS annual industry rankings.

“KLAS staff conduct in-depth interviews with real-life clients.”

Holistic view of business 
Today more than ever before, healthcare providers and business executives want to put their money where their morals are. KLAS Research understands this and incorporates ratings in ethical categories into their vendor rankings. Does the vendor act ethically and strive to do good? Can their clients trust them? While on the surface these qualities seem distinctly un-quantifiable, KLAS has a thorough vetting process that addresses all aspects of a vendor’s operations.

Make an investment with confidence 
Buying a new EMR is a major decision, and one that is not to be taken lightly. The software you choose will have a profound effect on your organization. That’s why you should depend on KLAS to help guide your buying decisions – their reports and rankings give you the information you need to know to make a purchase with confidence.