Hospices Adding Inpatient Capability at Hospitals

In-patient hospice services  bring many benefits to patients, including the ability to easily transition from one care setting to another. However, the logistics of integrating the administrative responsibilities of a hospice service into the larger organization’s workflow can present several challenges.

In many cases, integration requires moving from paper to an electronic medical record solution. In doing so, issues of interoperability are likely to arise, if careful forethought isn’t given to the transition process. At the same time, financial challenges such as claims denials could arise if patient documentation is incomplete.

NDoc reduces risk during the hospice integration process

Hospice providers can leverage award-winning NDoc software to mitigate integration challenges and speed the process of transition to an electronic solution. By seamlessly transferring continuity of care documents and medical administration records between data systems, NDoc software reduces patient risk, increases the hospice organization’s financial efficiency and reduces administrative burden.

Hospice integration allows hospitals to increase the breadth of their services and provides patients and family members with greater peace of mind.

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