The NDoc® Difference: The Power of 3

Number three logo with atoms orbits lines. Bright vector design for science, biology, physics, chemistry company. NDoc® is an industry leading home health/hospice management solution from Thornberry designed to help you improve patient outcomes and financial performance while gaining better operational control of your home health agency or hospice. A complete home healthcare software package, NDoc includes billing, tracking of clinical point of care tasks, patient scheduling and employee scheduling .


1) Best in the Industry.

In a side-by-side comparison of industry’s software vendors, Thornberry’s NDoc has been ranked #1 by KLAS Research for seven years in a row.

  • KLAS rankings are determined through extensive surveys and interviews with healthcare providers, not vendor marketing. NDoc has been ranked #1 since 2013.
  • Learn more about the important of KLAS here

Read more on our KLAS page.

2) Certified and Trusted.

NDoc’s CCHIT 2011 Certification® ensures alignment with the rigorous security standards imposed on hospitals and physician practices

• NDoc has met stringent standards for functionality, security and interoperability
• NDoc is one of only two home care EMRs to be certified

Read more on our Certified Software You Can Trust page.

3) Leader in Interoperability.

NDoc is built natively on the HealthShare™ interoperability platform, the market-leading engine for health information exchange

  • Interoperability: the next stop towards patient-centric care
  • Faster and less expensive connectivity to HIEs, ACOs, and acute, post-acute and ambulatory EMRs
  • Integrated Direct secure messaging
  • C-CDA Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) can be sent, received, and parsed
  • NDoc’s Intelligent Intake Interoperability can even automatically populate the med profile from your referral source

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