KLAS™-Ranked #1 since 2013


That’s how long Thornberry’s NDoc has been top-ranked by KLAS for Home Health and Hospice Software & Services.

Why is the KLAS ranking so important to us at Thornberry? Because it’s our customers who ranked us the best EMR in homecare!



KLAS is a research firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by enabling providers
to be heard and counted. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers
data on software, services and medical equipment to
deliver timely reports, trends and statistical overviews.
The research directly represents the provider voice and acts as a catalyst for improving vendor performance.

Provider-Driven, Provider-Centric Research: “The research KLAS conducts comes from providers and is for providers. KLAS doesn’t make recommendations; we share the data and let the research speak for itself.  “We speak with decision makers, managers, and end users of the products you care about to provide insight on which vendors are true partners and which are only building tools to be sold, not used.”


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Why You Should Care

KLAS ratings are based on customer interviews covering six customer experience
pillars: Culture, Product, Relationship, Operations, Loyalty, and Value. Customer rate
vendors on key performance categories such as Implementation and Training,
Functionality and Updates, Service and Support, and more.

See what our customers are saying…

…about Implementation and Training

“I personally have worked with Thornberry for quite a number of years. They have always been supportive of our needs, and they stay abreast of the frequently changing CMS rules and regulations and adjust their product accordingly. The vendor has multiple educational tools that have shown to be useful for staff training.”
– Manager, Jan 2020

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…about Functionality and Upgrades

“Thornberry does a really good job with upgrades. It is rare that we come across bugs related to an upgrade, and if we do, the vendor is very quick to address them. We have dreaded upgrades in previous experiences, but we don’t feel that way with Thornberry.  They do monthly upgrades, and most of the time, the upgrade process feels like nothing. That is a good thing and keeps us moving.”

– Director, Oct 2019

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…about Service and Support

“The support is unbeatable; it is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. The support people are quick, amazing, and off the charts. We don’t always get everything we ask for, but we can pretty much ask for the moon. If the vendor can give something to us, they deliver.”

– Nurse, Dec 2019

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…about the Relationship

“Thornberry is a good partner. They listen, and we feel like we are in things together. Thornberry tries to recognize the thorns in our sides and solve those problems. That goes a long way.”

– Manager, Nov 2019

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…about ROI/Cost and Future Outlook

“NDoc is definitely part of our long-term plans. We would buy it again because it is very comprehensive.”

– Manager, Dec 2019

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