Implementation and Training

What Managers are saying:

“I personally have worked with Thornberry for quite a  number of years. They have always been supportive of our needs, and they stay abreast of the frequently changing CMS rules and regulations and adjust their product accordingly. The vendor has multiple educational tools that have shown to be useful for staff training.”
– Jan 2020

“Thornberry has done a very good job of helping us prepare for 2020. There are many changes in the home health industry, and Thornberry has given us training as well as software to test and use to meet the new regulations. Thornberry has helped us to meet all of the governmental requirements.”
– Nov 2019

“Thornberry gave us on-site support, and we were happy to have them here to help troubleshoot and figure things out. They provided on-site training and support during the first week of implementation, and the support was great.”
– Jan 2019

What COOs are saying:

“NDoc is a very intuitive product, and it is easy for our staff members to use. They aren’t trying to figure out how the heck it works and how it can be useful for documenting their patients. We do not have any of those issues with the product.”

– Jun 2019