What Managers are saying:

“The vendor keeps up with current regulations and makes sure that we have everything that we need and want individually. Overall, the vendor does a good job with industry issues.”

– Dec 2019

“Whenever we call Thornberry, they can always walk us through any issues or give us a reason why we need to do things a certain way. Thornberry is always there when we try to call them.”

– Nov 2019

“There are always things that organizations wish their EMR did differently. The system never works exactly the way users want it to work. However, NDoc has been good, and Thornberry is a great partner. When we want to try something new like an interface, Thornberry makes sure that the communication is working for the whole group and that the follow-up is set up. Thornberry does a really good job with that.”

– Nov 2019

“Thornberry is a good partner. They listen, and we feel like we are in things together. Thornberry tries to recognize the thorns in our sides and solve those problems. That goes a long way.”

– Nov 2019

What Analysts/Coordinators are saying:

“We are a large corporation with very diverse needs that other organizations may not have. Thornberry does listen to us, and they definitely try to keep up with our needs and the changes in the industry.”

– Nov 2019

“We have calls with a representative at Thornberry so that that person can check in on us and see how things are  going, what we would like to improve, and what we need to work on. That has been huge for us, and we very much appreciate the ability to create a clear plan of what we want with Thornberry. Overall, we have been very pleased with Thornberry.”

– Nov 2019

“One of the best things about Thornberry is that they get back to us really quickly. Anytime that we come up with an idea, the idea always gets put in the developer’s hands, gets discussed, and usually gets implemented. Thornberry works with the end user, and that isn’t something we get with all software factories. I love that Thornberry actually takes our ideas, finds out whether they will benefit not only us but other organizations as well, and then develops those ideas.”

– Oct 2019