Service and Support

What CEOs/Presidents are saying:

“Thornberry has never slacked off. Their turnaround time is good, and they are very prompt. If we have an issue, we can talk to somebody who really strives to resolve things.”

– Dec 2019

What Directors are saying:

“Thornberry keeps their promises… We have had several different vendors in the past, and I really feel like Thornberry is more responsive and constantly provides updates. We always get the initial updates when they come out, so there might be some bumps, but the upgrades are usually for the best. The vendor listens to their customers. They allow us to submit ideas that would make the software better, and they take those things into consideration.”

– Jan 2020

“Thornberry is always willing to help. We have never approached them about something and been met with resistance. Thornberry jumps right on things without delay… and we can almost guess which person will respond to us. With our big vendors, we don’t know anyone’s name, and that is the biggest difference between those vendors and Thornberry.

“I can’t say enough about the service and response that we get from Thornberry. We are able to put in a ticket and get a  response within five minutes, and that is almost unheard of. Thornberry’s responsiveness really sets them apart… NDoc seems to be light-years ahead of other products. Thornberry’s service is second to none. NDoc is the only [system] that we feel confident about getting a response from the vendor.”

– Oct 2019

“Thornberry gets right back to me when I pick up the phone or send an email, even if I just have a tiny question that I should know the answer to. I like dealing with Thornberry in that way. I think our organization has a complicated setup, and the software allows us to do what we need to do. We can tailor NDoc to our little niches, and I like that.”

– Jun 2019

What Managers are saying:

“If I were personally spending the money, I would buy NDoc again. The vendor is very responsive whenever issues arise… When problems do occur, the vendor’s response is almost instant.”

– Dec 2019

“The Thornberry help desk is amazing. The people are very friendly and responsive. I feel like if I were to call the support people today and say that I had a problem, they would drop everything to help me. Even if the support people were at the end-of-theyear crunch, they would stop and help me. I can’t say enough. Support is a big deal in this industry.”

– Nov 2019

“Things are going well with NDoc. Thornberry has made a lot of changes in the past couple of years, and they are going in a good direction… We have interfaced NDoc with some systems, and that has gone well. We feel like we have a partnership with Thornberry, and we have seen a lot of improvement in NDoc. Thornberry always helps us when things go wrong. They are responsive.”

– Jan 2019

What Nurses are saying:

“The support is unbeatable; it is above and beyond anything I have ever seen. The support people are quick, amazing, and off the charts. We don’t always get everything we ask for, but we can pretty much ask for the moon. If the vendor can give something to us, they deliver.”

– Dec 2019

“Things are going well. We have not had any problems over the past year. Thornberry is always up to date on everything, and they are always developing new things to help us meet new regulations. We are very satisfied; we don’t have any problems or issues.”

– Nov 2019

What COOs are saying:

“NDoc has never disappointed us. The only glitches we have ever had have just [been] in the background… Thornberry has very quickly resolved any issues. Thornberry is very responsive to problems that occur.”

– Jun 2019