NDoc® Hospice

Adult helping senior in hospital, selective focus on hand NDoc Hospice is a robust hospice management solution for home, SNF/assisted living, respite and inpatient unit settings, designed to improve quality of care, financial performance and operational control for both stand-alone hospice providers as well as those with home health integration.

NDoc Hospice delivers:

  • Ease of Use
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Robust Analytics
  • Embedded Interoperability

NDoc Delivers Ease of Use

NDoc hospice health software screenshot demonstrating easy navigation and data organization NDoc Hospice is a hospice management solution that is straightforward and easy to use. Designed with hospice workflows in mind, NDoc uses easy-to-follow navigation and data organization to improve patient care and employee retention. Far more capable than single-purpose billing software for hospice or staff scheduling software, NDoc is a complete Medicare-certified hospice software package with the following capabilities:

  • Automatically generates per-diem charges based on patient’s level of care.
  • Supports inpatient charting including medication administration (MAR).
  • Embedded screening tools comprised of Karnofsky, FAST, PPS and more.
  • Built-in Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS) allows symptom management tracking as well as the documentation of decline.
  • Correctly calculates hospice certification periods, even when the patient is admitted midway through the certification period.

NDoc Delivers Regulatory Compliance

NDoc hospice management software screenshot NDoc provides clinicians with access to the most current clinical information and data at the point of care while helping your clinicians stay compliant, manage their workflow and maintain 100% consistency in documentation throughout the episode of care.

  • PPS billing is automatically generated once all ‘ready to bill’ criteria have been met, including criteria customized to your agency.
  • Embedded Hospice Item Set (HIS) with skip logic and consistency checking available for charting when appropriate.
  • Document management including F2F, NOE and COT tracking.
  • Hospice Eligibility can be assessed and updated with each charted visit documenting a clear patient trajectory of decline for straightforward IDT recertification discussion.
  • Automatic volunteer tracking, compliance monitoring, and cost savings report.

NDoc Delivers Flexible Workflow

NDoc hospice management software screenshot showcasing a customers signature Workflow is key to maximizing efficiency, but it can’t be “one size fits all.” If workflow rules are too strict, patient care suffers as your staff waits for bottlenecks in workflow to clear. NDoc allows the best of both worlds – you have workflow that conforms to your environment instead of dictating it.

  • IDT Meetings display current/active problems, a discussion field that carries forward for easy comparison, and discrete prep note fields for each discipline.
  • Bereavement care plans automatically attach to the bereaved and can be easily customized, volunteer activities create a visit in the patient’s chart, and bereavement tasks appear on a dashboard to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Customize NDoc to your agency using tables, settings and field requirements.
  • Goals are identified and documented for patient, caregiver and family members.
  • Upon patient death, NDoc’s Pronouncement visit walks clinician through contact of MD, outside providers, disposal of meds and transition to bereavement services.

NDoc Delivers Robust Analytics

NDoc hospice management software screenshot showcasing analytics NDoc analytics gives you important insight into your data. Powered by InterSystems DeepSee™, NDoc analytics provides global views, drill-down charts and KPIs to integrated clinical and financial information that helps you manage your agency more effectively.

  • Know everything you need to know about your patients and your agency in an easy-to-understand dashboard.
  • Combine HIS, billing, and staff activities for overall business insight.
  • Trends, points-in-time and forecast data equip you to make educated decisions about your business operations.
  • Forecast and view financial and statistical trends.
  • Turn data into action – make treatment adjustments during episodes of care.

NDoc Delivers Embedded Interoperability

NDoc hospice management software screenshot demonstrating interoperability capabilities Interoperability has the power to transform your home health and hospice agency by enabling smoother transitions of care. NDoc enhances hospice integration with the medical community, makings interoperability a reality by processing the C-CDA CCD and its content directly into NDoc.

  • Transform your hospice by enabling smoother transitions of care.
  • Streamline the intake process as never before— automatically populate your patient referral with the medication profile of your referral source, saving time and ensuring patient safety.
  • Reduce administrative stress while ensuring patients receive correct care wherever they are.
  • Automatically gather, package and send data to other providers as well as to third party vendors and services.
  • Streamline drug management with connections to hospice pharmacy services like Enclara.