Qualis and Thornberry Offer Seamless Integration to Hospice Clients

LANCASTER, PA (March 7, 2019)

Thornberry Ltd. has announced a new integration between Qualis Management and the NDoc® EMR, the six-time winner of the Best in KLAS™ for home health award. This new targeted interoperability enables the seamless, secure flow of critical client data for hospice providers.

As health care shifts to a value-based model, interoperability is a growing concern for both  home health and hospice. Agencies are increasingly being required to demonstrate their ability to improve patient outcomes without increasing costs; delivering on this promise and demonstrating this proof requires an unimpeded flow of data among software providers. The new Qualis-Thornberry integration means more timely, efficient, and accurate data—and data access—for hospice clients.

At Hospice of the Piedmont in Charlottesville, VA, the Thornberry-Qualis interface is a real assist to Intake and Admissions, since the patient demographics are in the system immediately, without needing to log into another system or re-enter the data. “We don’t even have to train our Intake staff on the Qualis system!” says Lara Fisher, EMR Facilitator for Piedmont. “It also helps with patient address changes, and it has reduced the steps at time of death, since Qualis is immediately alerted to the discharge.”

Qualis works in tandem with their clients’ preferred providers, and Qualis Management partner J. Hall C. Thorp thinks Qualis and Thornberry are a great partnership. “Qualis works with all hospice EMRs,” says Thorp, “and we have found Thornberry to be an industry leader in terms of functionality and client satisfaction. Thornberry is technically sophisticated while also having people who communicate well and are down-to-earth. We have enjoyed serving mutual clients with Thornberry throughout the years, and are excited about our formalized interface.”

Tom Peth, CEO at Thornberry, agrees that the two companies are a perfect fit. “NDoc is recognized as a leader in interoperability, and we have extensive development efforts underway to continue to meet the explosive demand for our targeted hospice and home healthcare solutions,” he says. “Partnering with Qualis brings excellence in DME management to the table, and the company shares our commitment to quality in product and service that is critical to Thornberry and the success of our customers.“

About Qualis

The first job at Qualis is to understand fully the specific needs of each client, then tailor a program unique to each that will improve patient care, reduce DME costs, streamline processes, and virtually eliminate administrative headaches. Qualis is a DMR management company and a true Partner with hospice and DME supplier clients. The company’s proprietary approach, Intelligent DME©, helps clients manage DME professionally in a manner that continually improves patient care while decreasing DME costs. Learn more about how Qualis serves their clients’ administrative, financial, and clinical teams at qualismanagement.com.

About Thornberry

In the 26 years since its founding, Thornberry has become an innovative and respected leader in both certification and interoperability, providing a complete suite of innovative tools for homecare and hospice through its NDoc® software solution. A 2019 Best in KLASTM winner for the sixth year in a row, NDoc is a CCHIT Certified®2011 Long Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) EMR additionally certified for Home Health. Learn more about the powerful, flexible, and comprehensive NDoc EMR solution at ndocsoftware.com.