Our Partners

NDoc®, a comprehensive software solution from Thornberry Ltd, has been used by savvy medium to large Medicare-certified home health and hospice agencies for over 20 years to help improve patient outcomes, regulatory compliance and cash flow.

In addition to our comprehensive solution, we have developed strategic partnerships with best-in-class organizations to help solve important business challenges.

We collaborate to bring you all the products and services you need to be successful.

NDoc® Technology Partners

AirClic and NDoc AirClic
Headquartered in Trevose, PA, AirClic is a leading provider of mobile business process solutions that provide real-time visibility to the “who, what, where, when and why” of the entire field operation. Using AirClic-enabled wireless devices, managers and workers can easily and economically capture, exchange and access critical data that represent people, assets and activity. With its unsurpassed user-adoption rate, AirClic is driving new levels of accountability and productivity resulting in decreased costs, increased revenue and improved customer service for many of the world’s leading companies.

ArborArbor and NDoc
For over 30 years, Arbor’s hallmark has been intensive customer service. From the beginning, we customize each client’s surveys and reports so they are closely tailored to their specific information needs. No cookie cutters! Another important way we deliver on that promise is to make the most of our “personal conversations” with your patients. You can be assured that Arbor’s telephone interviews are always conducted by our full-time, experienced staff. We never out-source to call centers.

We place a great deal of effort into obtaining extensive patient comments which we report online in patients’ own words. We are convinced that it is the comments, explanations and examples that patients provide that truly inform and motivate hospital staff.

Founded by a physician who is also a computer scientist, ASP.MD understands both the practice and business of medicine. The company seamlessly integrates information technology into your medical practice. From scheduling to billing and electronic medical record, ASP.MD takes the hassles out of software so that your offices can focus on your patients. ASP.MD systems make it happen with maximal power and flexibility, at a lower cost than comparable systems.  Since the company’s inception in 2001, ASP.MD has offered completely web based solutions incorporating the latest technologies. AMOS was the first web based medical system with an “AJAX”-enabled user interface.  Such an interface provides a much more professional user experience than traditional web based systems.

BDBD Carefusion and NDoc
Becton, Dickinson and Company is an American medical technology company that manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents. Founded in 1897 and headquartered in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, with a vision to improve outcomes for patients, BD employs nearly 50,000 people in more than 50 countries throughout the world. The complementary nature of BD and CareFusion capabilities make the new, combined company more relevant than ever before.

Bitleap and NDoc BitLeap
BitLeap provides a secure automated backup solution for home care agencies that require backup and additional network storage capacity for their critical patient and billing data. Bit Leap’s LeapServ hardware solution is easily integrated into agency local networks and provides automatic backup (as soon as data is created or changed) and connection to two offsite BitLeap backup locations. Recovery of data is almost instantaneous. Agencies that choose to run NDoc on their local servers benefit from the protection provided by BitLeap in the event of potential hardware failures, corruption of data due to viruses or spyware, Internet intrusion and hacking, accidental erasure of data or loss of data due to natural disasters.

BivarusBivarus and NDoc
Whether you want to boost patient referral rates, improve specific services, reduce patient churn, increase CAHPS scores or all of the above, Bivarus believes the first step is to give your patients a clear voice. We’ll work with you to create questions that are relevant to your patients and organization, surveys that deploy quickly and are easy for patients to complete and intuitive analytics that provide the most actionable data possible.

CaretrendsCareTrends and NDoc
CareTrends® provides a Web-based wireless software system that seamlessly and in real-time integrates vital signs data into your Electronic Medical Record systems (EMR), while giving clinicians an intelligent view of data.  We work with hospitals, ACOs, home care providers and physician offices to ensure complete Electronic Medical Record integration with medical devices. Software solutions from careTrends® maximize your Information Technology value proposition to meet your specific needs, addressing challenges within your facility and “beyond the hospital wall”. Our Professional Services are there for you with ongoing technical support that continues after medical device integration and connectivity systems are fully implemented and running.

CareWatch and NDoc Care Watch
CareWatch is telephony based visit management system that collects payroll data, billing data, & complete documentation from agency paraprofessional staff. CareWatch is dedicated to giving agencies the tools needed to better manage their staff by streamlining processes and virtually eliminating paperwork while increasing the accuracy of visit information when audited and providing a higher level of care to patients.

CellTrakCellTrak and NDoc
It isn’t easy to provide high-quality care to people in their homes or the community. Tens of thousands of home health, hospice, and community care caregivers use CellTrak every day to get the information they need to consistently deliver effective care and improve outcomes.  Caregivers love using CellTrak’s industry-leading mobile solution. Every day, caregivers who work at agencies that choose CellTrak get up-to-date schedules, client information, and care plans on their smartphone or tablet.

CDP and NDoc Custom Data Processing
CDP, Inc. is a provider of Enterprise Health Systems to both public health and corporate organizations. Since 1981, CDP has been a leader in the design, development and implementation of integrated enterprise health software solutions. CDP’s software hosted solution of Thornberry’s NDoc and its own billing systems enables home health and hospice agencies to succeed utilizing a web-based, clinician-oriented, point of care system with the unique features required by home care agencies.

CDP and NDoc Delta Care Rx
Delta Care Rx, http://www.deltacarerx.com, transforms and improves the hospice pharmacy industry through business transparency, innovation, extreme customer service, and the maintenance of vital community-pharmacy relationships. As a pharmacist owned, privately held provider, Delta Care Rx sets the industry benchmark for pharmacy benefit management, on-demand pharmacist services, and hospice tailored electronic prescribing. Additionally, Delta Care Rx offers electronic tools, including cutting edge telemedicine technology, to improve the quality of patient care and simplify essential workflow and ordering processes within hospice settings.

Deyta and NDoc Deyta
As specialists in satisfaction management programs, Deyta offers a proven solution.
Their entire company focus is on satisfaction and they do it the best. What sets them apart is their business centric mindfulness and operational approach to satisfaction. They start with rigorous statistical methodology and add clinical and operational processes. The results provide your team with the vital information needed to improve quality, enhance the reputation of the agency, and increase your bottom line.

Dial N Document
At Dial-N-Document™ we understand your challenges.

Eliminate data entry & paperwork
Immediately access field documentation
No technical expertise needed
Multilingual capabilities
Accurate documentation for every visit
Save money

DSS and NDoc Distributed Systems Services, Inc.
DSS operates an enterprise class Data Center which is Tier II, SSAE-16 SOC 2 certified. Offering Data Center Colocation and Managed Hosting solutions, you can get exactly what your business needs – the right blend of performance, security, flexibility, scalability and price. DSS also offers comprehensive technology solutions help you deliver IT value from the Desktop to the Data Center including infrastructure products and services, managed services, resource solutions, and social software and collaboration.

DSS ResearchDSS Research and NDoc
Founded in 1982 with HQ in Fort Worth and offices in Washington, DC. Our focus is in health care with special emphasis on a range of research, market information and consulting services for health care providers and health insurance organizations. DSS provides customer insights and consulting for health plans and carriers, hospitals, other health care providers, health and wellness organizations, medical products and supplies companies, and a range of organizations in other industries across the country and the globe.

Fazzi and NDoc Fazzi Associates
Fazzi Associates is one of home care’s oldest and most respected consulting, benchmarking, training, and research firms. Fazzi stands out through their strong focus on integrating learning and insights from their consulting and research efforts into their CAHPS, operational, financial, and OASIS benchmark systems. All Fazzi benchmark services, including CAHPS, have free consultation and on-going training as key components of their core services.

FGA and NDoc FGA Software Solutions
New Jersey-based FGA Software Solutions (FGA) is developer of the PROPHIT billing software and a long-time Thornberry partner. PROPHIT is currently installed in a number of home health agencies where it operates alongside NDoc, thus providing customers with a reliable, combined point of care and billing offering.

Fields Research
FieldsResearch was a recipient of the “Best of Cincinnati” Award for Market Analysis or Research. We are a second-generation, family owned and operated data collection company specializing in patient healthcare experience research.  We specialize in data collection and our decades of research experience allows us to conduct CAHPS surveys simply and affordably.  We are currently helping over 600 agencies comply with CAHPS survey requirements – let us help you.

HealthixHealthix and NDoc
Where actionable real-time information and better patient care come together.  Healthix offers unparalleled access to patient data while protecting privacy. Our innovative technology includes:

  • Predictive analytics to monitor and improve care for individuals and cohorts of patients
  • Advanced clinical event notifications; : Real-time alerts based on changes in a patient’s clinical condition, and frequent utilization
  • Automated reports that track usage and other important metrics

Healthix also partners with public health agencies at state and regional levels to facilitate bio surveillance activities, and can provide de-identified patient records to support clinical research.

HAS and NDoc HomeCare Accounting Solutions
HomeCare Accounting Solutions’ billing and Accounts Receivable software has been integrated with the NDoc® clinical/point of care system to offer exceptional value as a complete home care agency technology solution. HomeCare Accounting Solution merits a stellar reputation for customer service as a supplier of advanced billing software for home care agencies and hospice.

HALO and NDoc Homecare Systems, Inc.
Homecare Systems of Andover, NJ is developer of the HALO telephony system. Available as an independent product or integrated with the NDoc point of care system, HALO is used to schedule, track and record home health aide activity and documentation. It can also be used by skilled disciplines as an automated time and attendance system to supplement NDoc laptop-based visit recording.

HHG and NDoc Home Health Gold
Home Health Gold provides the most comprehensive data scrubbing tools in the industry, and more. Improve management decisions, outcomes and reimbursements by insuring data accuracy. Audits help you quickly review RACs, Outcome measures, potentially avoidable events, ZPICs, PSCs, coding changes, clinical inconsistencies, reductions in payments, and therapy upgrades and downgrades.

You get immediate, on-site access to your information, all in real-time. The unique analysis tools and report writing software combine your OASIS, billing, visit, and staff activity data for unparalleled insights. Easily monitor patient care delivery and make changes during episodes! Instant drill-down. No re-keying, ever.

Honeywell HomMed and NDoc Honeywell HomMed
Honeywell HomMed is a leading supplier of monitoring equipment to a growing number of home health agencies and hospice. Thornberry has been an early leader in developing and implementing a Health Level seven (HL7) telehealth interface for its agency customers using HomMed telemonitoring equipment. The Thornberry interface seamlessly pulls data from the HomMed Central Station and imports it into the Electronic Medical Record within NDoc. Thornberry is now developing a bi-directional interface that will work with HomMed and overcome the need for duplicate data entry in both systems.

ICDLogic builds innovative, intuitive, web-based clinical documentation and coding software that enables providers to receive full and fair reimbursement for the care they provide. Focused on improving accuracy and efficiency, ICD Logic’s fast , easy and affordable tools empower providers to reclaim lost productivity and protect cash flow by minimizing the queries and denials that are forecast to increase with ICD-10. www.icdlogic.com

InterSystems and NDoc InterSystems
InterSystems Corporation is a worldwide technology innovation leader in database and integration software. Their Caché post-relational database is used by Thornberry to create, deploy and integrate its NDoc Software ®. Thornberry will also use InterSystem’s Ensemble universal integration platform to ensure NDoc remains an open, easily integrated solution that will be demanded and needed by users as universal medical records and state-level health information exchanges become a reality. InterSystems, founded in 1978, are headquartered in Cambridge, MA and remains healthcare’s premier database provider in the United States.

MedlineMedline and NDoc
Advancing the health of healthcare.  Medline Industries, Inc., based in Northfield, Illinois, is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies providing products, education and services across the continuum of care with offices in 20 different countries.  Drive clinical and financial results with solutions to fit your business.

MedtronicMedtronic and NDoc
Medtronic is a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions. We collaborate with others to take on healthcare’s greatest challenges. From collaboration to case studies, Medtronic is changing how the world delivers patient care.  To meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals around the globe, Medtronic operates from more than 260 locations in more than 155 countries.

NRC Picker and NDoc

National Research Corporation
Founded in 1981, National Research Corporation (NRC) maintains a strong commitment to improving the quality of healthcare received by patients and consumers. NRC’s focus is the continuous improvement of patient experience and performance measurement within the healthcare industry. NRC’s products and services are designed to meet specific needs within the entire spectrum of healthcare organizations and cut across all services within an organization. NRC conducts research for thousands of healthcare organizations including health systems, hospitals, managed-care organizations, medical groups, federal and state agencies, employers, and business coalitions.

PhilipsPhilips and NDoc
A Dutch technology company headquartered in Amsterdam with primary divisions focused in the areas of electronics, healthcare and lighting. It was founded in Eindhoven in 1891.  It is one of the largest electronics companies in the world and employs around 105,000 people across more than 60 countries.  Providing quality healthcare means balancing accuracy, integration, compassion and value.  It means reinventing healthcare. The increasing prevalence of chronic disease is prompting many health professionals and medical centers to look for new ways to better manage patients in order to improve outcomes, including reduced hospitalizations and better quality of life. We are working alongside our customers to develop solutions to improve care, reduce costs and improve the patient experience.

Press Ganey and NDoc Press Ganey
Press Ganey partners with more than 10,000 health care organizations-including more than 40% of U.S. hospitals-to measure and improve their quality of care. They send their surveys to millions of patients, employees, and physicians every year to produce the most comprehensive data on service quality and safety culture. Press Ganey offers their clients the industry’s largest comparative customer feedback databases, as well as actionable survey data, solution resources, and unparalleled customer service.

QualisQualis and NDoc
Qualis Health is one of the nation’s leading population health management organizations.  We partner with our clients to improve care for millions of Americans every day.  Our services promote efficiency and reliability, support care coordination, facilitate care transitions and leverage health information technology (health IT) to improve care delivery.  Qualis Health takes a patient-centered approach that honors each individual’s culture, social context and values—and empowers patients to play an active role in making decisions about their own care.

Sfax and NDoc Sfax
Developed by SecureCare, Sfax delivers secure cloud-based faxing with digital signature. Sfax eliminates manual faxing, troublesome fax servers or replaces noncompliant internet fax providers. Handle more faxes at a lower cost with a smaller workforce while getting the industry-leading secure faxing solution. SecureCare has spent 10 years harnessing seriously smart document solutions to help organizations eliminate paper and improve business processes. SecureCare’s products are loved by thousands of customers every day and exceed the compliance requirements for HIPAA.

SHP and NDoc Strategic Healthcare Programs
Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) is the industry leader for real-time, web based tools for performance management-outcomes, benchmarking, and business intelligence data for clinical, finance and patient satisfaction. SHP award-winning tools provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Every day our clients are improving and positioning themselves to prosper with disease management, pay-for-performance, appropriate payment, CMS public outcomes reporting, effective quality improvement, accreditation and growth.

ViterionViterion and NDoc
Viterion Digital Health is a pioneer in remote patient home monitoring and telehealth. We partner with Term Care providers, ACOs and health plans.Since 2003, Viterion’s systems have been collecting and transmitting post-acute patient vital signs and important health data to healthcare providers.

Homecare Industry Partners and Associations

NAHC and NDoc National Association for Home Care & Hospice

Thornberry is a proud member of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice. The association represents the interests and concerns of home care agencies, hospices, home care aide organizations, and medical equipment suppliers. NAHC is an organization that is dedicated to making home care and hospice providers lives easier.

Thornberry continues to support the home care industry at the local, state and national level. Thornberry is an active member in home care state associations of Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Florida, New Mexico and Ohio.

HCTAA and NDoc Home Care Technology Association of America

Thornberry is a member of the Home Care Technology Association of America (HCTAA). Established by the National Association for Home Care & Hospice to provide a voice within Congress and health care for the growing home care technology industry and to increase the use of technology and telehealth in home health care.

HCTAA provides education and information to home care providers about the benefits of technology and how it can provide the highest standards of patient-centered care – efficiently and cost-effectively.

OCHCH and NDoc Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice (OCHCH)
The Ohio Council for Home Care and Hospice (OCHCH) is a statewide trade association that represents the interests of home health care and hospice agencies in Ohio. The OCHCH is proud to be the voice of home care and hospice in Ohio. Through political advocacy and educational initiatives, OCHCH rewards and supports those that devote their time to saving and maintaining the lives of others.

PHA and NDoc Pennsylvania Homecare Association PHA
The Pennsylvania Homecare Association (PHA) is a state trade association representing more than 400 organizations that provide care and support to individuals in their own homes. PHA helps its members tackle every day challenges. With a member-centered focus, the association champions efforts that range from advocating on behalf of patients and consumers, interpreting and developing regulations and legislation to exploring needs and business strategies.

HCTR and NDoc Rowan Consulting Associates
Tim Rowan, Editor, Home Care Technology Reports and homecare industry consultant.
719-573-5090 www.homecaretechreport.com

Humor Me and NDoc Humor Me!

As a former director of nursing, Larry Brennan understands the demands placed on your clinicians every day. As a ventriloquist and barbershopper – with an exceptionally positive attitude – he believes in the power of humor in healthcare.

Larry’s seminars are designed to teach your clinicians how to reduce stress and improve patient outcomes – using humor and a positive attitude. Helping your team learns to smile and laugh at themselves can make a tremendous difference in staff morale.

In addition to speaking at industry events and individual agencies, Larry also provides entertainment at healthcare-related events. Larry is a Thornberry partner in the company’s efforts to give back to the home care industry through the creation of a learning community.

Larry can be contacted through his blog. http://lbrennanphd.blogspot.com