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Navigating PDGM

Do You Know How to Become a PDGM Success Story?
Do you understand the new metrics for success in PDGM?
Do you know how to use your data to drive profitability and prove value?
Do you know how to predict and avoid audit activity?
Do you know how to survive the PDGM benchmark blackout?

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NDoc® and the CCD: A Case Study in Interoperability

The days of freestanding operations and independent documentation are behind us. Quality healthcare relies on connectivity between provider organizations, but this connectivity does not come easily. One of the more important advancements in healthcare interoperability, the Continuity of Care Document is facilitating the secure and timely electronic communication between NDoc® and referral providers.

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Automated Mileage Tracking Saves Time and Money

Recording odometer readings and tracking mileage can be a burdensome chore for field clinicians and therapists, and reimbursement based on odometer mileage can be burdensome for agencies, as well. The process is also fraught with errors, estimates, and inaccuracies that can be costly for agencies. Automated mileage tracking saves time and ensures accurate, reliable reimbursement.

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