The Thornberry Support Difference

Cropped image of a nurse making a heart shape with her hands Every software vendor claims to offer great customer service. Thornberry makes no such claim – but our customers do. Many say NDoc is an outstanding product and NDoc software support is the best they have ever received. They say it feels as if Thornberry drops everything if they have an issue and diligently works to resolve it quickly.

To bring you the best possible NDoc support, the Thornberry support team includes customer service specialists, developers writing the software and experienced clinicians who are experts in NDoc. This team orientation, unique in our industry, provides our customers with an exceptional support experience.

Imagine the possibilities when a well-designed software system is backed by superior customer support.

Customer comments:

Thornberry offers excellent service and support. When we contact people at the help desk, they respond quickly and resolve our concerns. They are knowledgeable, and they are usually able to help me on the spot. I am impressed with their support.”

With other software companies, the people don’t know what they are talking about. With Thornberry, I get the right person the first time. Thornberry’s support staff is extremely well trained, and I don’t have to go through the nonsense of trying to get to the right person. That is huge for me.”

We really like the people at Thornberry. They do a really great job and really go out of their way to help us and make sure we are taken care of. Whenever we have issues or concerns, they are very nice and responsive. They are quick to find resolutions. That is one thing we have always appreciated about Thornberry. Their service and support has always been very good.”

We are a highly satisfied customer. The support is the best thing about Thornberry. For instance, there was a problem with our servers this morning. It wasn’t because of anything Thornberry did, but we immediately had several of Thornberry’s people working on the problem because the issue was system-wide. Thornberry got all of our nurses back on the road in no time. So the support has been great.”

The Thornberry help desk is phenomenal. Sometimes Thornberry can’t get us an answer within 24 hours, and they are very apologetic when they can’t figure something out. They are always helpful and connect us with the right support teams. When they found out we had an issue going on, they told us they would fix it right away, and within 24 hours, the issue was fixed. I just appreciate how fast they are with their support, especially when they are rather urgent tickets.”

The support we have received from Thornberry has always been excellent. The turnaround times for resolutions to problems are very quick. Issues are typically resolved the same day they are reported. If Thornberry can’t resolve our issue the day we contact them, then they are proactive about reaching out to us and keeping in contact about what issues they are facing and what progress they are making.”

Thornberry is very receptive when we have issues. They are great at finding the answer or fixing the issue as soon as possible.”